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Wicked Willys

1955 Willys wagon


Hairy Hauler

The Wicked Willys is unique because I blended a lot of street rod techniques and hard core, off-road parts to build a rig that not only looks really good, but would also go just about anywhere you can make that big old body fit! I used a Dodge 360 engine because first, they are great engines and second, I wanted to show people there were options out there besides a small block Chevy. The debate on whether to use an automatic or a standard shift transmission will forever rage because there are pros and cons to both. I prefer the control and feel of a stick over an automatic, so that is why the 5-speed went into the Willys. Once completed, the Willys was taken through the paces and was absolutely amazing on the road and on the trail. I expected the truck to be great in the mud, rocks, and climbing hills, but I didn't expect it to jump so well - which I did repeatedly! Check out the pictures.


Original Manufacturer Specifications

Production/Sales: 1954 to 1959

Produced & Sold: North America/US

Engine Manufacturer: Willys "Hurricane" F-Head 134

Type: Spark-Ignition 4-stroke

Horsepower: 75hp @ 4000 RPM

Torque: 115ft-lb @ 2000 RPM

Drivetrain: RWD

Transmission: 4spd Manual + Warner Overdrive

Weight: 1335kg / 2944lb

Original MSRP: $1,476

Average Retail: $11,150