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Restore Damaged Threads

Sometimes replacing damaged threads isn't an option and you have to fix them.  Thanks to our friends at Murray Tools and their Master Re-Threading kit.

Threading bolts into soft metal

A great way to thread bolts into soft metals like aluminum or sheet metal as many times as you would like without the stripping out on you.


Magnetize any socket

Stacey shows you a simple way to keep from losing your grip on those nuts and bolts while you work a tight space.

Custom Clamping

A way to make a custom clamp you help you with all of those odd shaped pieces from your project.

Getting a straight hose cut

How to cut straight tubing by using a homemade cutting tool with a 2x4.


Take a few extra minutes & do things right

The importance of taking the time to do things right the first time and not settling for, "it works fine."  Especially when it comes to thing electrical and fuel related.  These will always come back to bite you.


Installing rubber grommets

Stacey shows you a simple way to add or replace rubber grommets to your wiring project.


Grommet & Boot

Wanna easy way to wire up your tail lights without letting a bunch of dirt and debris into the lens? Check out this Quick Tip from our friends at Daystar.


Hooking up 2 batteries

Stacey walks you through different ways you can wire dual batteries in your vehicle and talks about what is the BEST way.


Masking Tape Tips

Stacey walks through some tips for taping off your projects to for painting to help make sure you get those nice clean lines when you are all done.

Drilling holes in painted panels

Stacey shows you an easy way to drill holes in painted panels without chipping that nice paint job you have!


Pouring paint from a can

An easy, clean way to pour paint from a can using

drain holes.

Replacing Carpet

The best and easiest way to cut your new carpet to fit.

Bandsaw straight cuts on round pipe

A quick, cheap, and easy way to cut a straight and square cut on round pipe with your band or hacksaw.


Bead the end of pipes fast & easy

Stacey shows you a quick and easy way to bead roll the end of your hard lines without needing to invest tons of money in a bead roller.


Smooth edges of cut metal

Having the right tool makes all the difference.  Stacey shows you the best way to smooth those edges on your metal pipes after you cut it to size so you don't tear your hands up.


Metal Shavings Collector

Keep metal shavings off of you and your clothes by using a simple household item.


Drill depth gauges

Gauge your drill dept by using tape.


Cutting round tubing

A simple way to make a straight cut in round tubing.

Separating ball joints & Tie rod ends

When working on suspensions, you are going to have to separate the ball joints and tie rod ends.  Stacey shows you a few tricks on how to do this with out the need to invest in specialty tools.


Get a helping hand with transmission fluid

An easy way to stop all of that transmission fluid from spilling all over the place when you pull it out of the car.


Keep your car from getting stolen

Stacey walks you through several ways to fool those who are looking to steal your ride. They range from simple free ways to some that are a little more in depth. Either way, they work great to stop people from making off with your car.