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Knuckle Buster

1973 chevy C-10 pickup

Rat Roaster

The SL-C

Most people would love to have a ’34 Ford hot rod, a tire-burning ’55 chevy, or a classic 60’s muscle car. The problem is, these cars tend to be expensive, and are getting harder to find every day. The idea behind the Knucklebuster project, was to illustrate how you can take a later-model vehicle from the 70’s or 80’s and turn it into a cool vehicle you can drive everyday without spending a fortune. Since these vehicles aren’t that old, they are relatively easy to find, and they are usually really cheap. They also don’t usually require extensive rust replacement and expensive frame-off restorations that take months or years and a lot of money to do. Another plus is the fact they already have huge aftermarket support so replacement parts are easy to find and usually very affordable, making them a perfect first project to tackle.


The C10 was the basic, two-wheel-drive version of Chevy's C-Series line of trucks. It was a half-ton truck available with either a 6.5-foot pickup box and 117.5-inch wheelbase or an 8-foot box and 131.5-inch wheelbase. With either wheelbase, customers could order the truck as a Step-Side, Fleetside or chassis and cab only. The 1973 model year brought a major restyling to the C-Series, featuring cleaner, squarer lines that would continue with minor changes through the 1987 model year.


Original Manufacturer Specifications

4 Trim Levels:

Base: Painted bumpers & Hubcaps

Custom Deluxe: vinyl upholstery, padded arm rests, chrome trim & a special custom deluxe emblem

Cheyenne: Extra sound insulation, custom vinyl, cargo lamp & custom interior trim

Cheyenne Super: upgraded interior trim & extra chrome body moldings

Engine: 250cid, inline 6cyl

Horsepower: 100hp @ 3600 rpm

Torque: 175lb-ft @ 2200rpm

Carburetor: One-barrel

Compression Ratio: 8:25:1

Wheelbase: 117.5" / Overall Length: 191.2"

Curb Weight: 3234lbs Short-wheelbase