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Heavy Metal

1969 International harvester loadstar

V8 Interceptor

The Cheetah

It's a 1969 International loadstar cabover truck with a single rear axle and a super short wheelbase. When I saw this sitting in a junkyard, and got a good look at how good of shape it was in, I knew that I had to turn it into a project. Besides, there is just something about these old cabover trucks that every gearhead loves! The response was great when we stuffed in the hot Duramax diesel engine and custom air suspension, but people really went crazy when we put on the vintage Schlitz beer kegs for fuel tanks, and fit the vintage wrecker bed on the back. Since this is a former Navy truck, the name “Heavy Metal” was a natural fit.


Original Manufacturer Specifications

Built by International Harvester between 1962 to 1979 primarily used for local delivery, construction and agricultural applications as well as utility and fire trucks.

Engine: Gasoline

154–210 hp (115–157 kW) Diesel

113–200 hp (84–149 kW)

Most had medium-duty 4x2 chassis,

but 4x4 and 6x4 models were also built.


4, 5, 7, 8 and 10-speed manual

4 and 6-speed automatic