The Cheetah

Released: 1964


In 1964 Carroll Shelby was pretty much stomping everybody on the race track with his brutal Cobras. The Corvettes had not only fallen prey to the Ford powered roadsters, but even Zora Duntov’s Grand Sport program had been cancelled because of the racing ban that GM had. So in a desperate attempt to beat the Cobra’s, GM honcho Vince Piggins met with sports car racer and builder Bill Thomas, and told him Chevy would supply engines and parts if Thomas would build a car that could beat the Cobras.


New A/C for an Old Chevy


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With summer in full swing, it’s time to cool down that classic truck of yours. That’s right, roll those windows up and feel the cool breeze as Stacey shows just how easy it is to install this complete AC system from LMC Truck. Now that you’re done sweatin’, let’s take a look at headers and intakes and get that motor performing the way it should. And don’t miss out on the ins and outs of turbos and super-chargers…which one fits your needs? All this and plenty of sparks in the garage this week on GearZ.


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